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Knowing what you use and when, provides the reassurance that you haven’t got a leak.


Water efficiency solutions that will save your business water and save money.


Enhance your supplies with guidance on infrastructure and effluent treatment.


Has your business got a contingency plan should the mains water be unavailable?


Water Refill Station Will Save 10,000 Plastic Bottles a Year

A new water refill station in Okehampton will save 10,000 plastic bottles a year from being used as well as reducing litter and helping to keep walkers and cyclists hydrated.

What farmers should do if they suspect they have a water leak

Important information about fatbergs

Martyn Designs His Own Iron Man Challenge to Raise Funds for Hospice

The care a family friend received before her death has motivated “an average man” to undertake an eye-wateringly extreme physical challenge to raise funds for the Dorset charity that treated her.