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Knowing what you use and when, provides the reassurance that you haven’t got a leak.


Water efficiency solutions that will save your business water and save money.


Enhance your supplies with guidance on infrastructure and effluent treatment.


Has your business got a contingency plan should the mains water be unavailable?


Important information about fatbergs

Martyn Designs His Own Iron Man Challenge to Raise Funds for Hospice

The care a family friend received before her death has motivated “an average man” to undertake an eye-wateringly extreme physical challenge to raise funds for the Dorset charity that treated her.

Meet the Team

Making sure that our team of customer service Ninjas have knowledge and skills at their fingertips is Megan West, team coach and trainer.

How to get your business ready for winter

With summer a pleasant, but fading, memory winter is now inching ever closer, bringing with it the inevitable freezing temperatures and bad weather.